20 June, 2010

Barry M Raspberry Nails!

This is one of the newer nail polishes I have added to my collection. I had heard lots of people rave about it on you tube and blogs, and so I wanted to try it for myself.

It is not what I imagined it would be. However, it is a very stunning colour that I can't stop admiring on my hands, It's elegant looking and more mature than the pastels I have worn recently. I hope that makes sense? .. Don't get me wrong though, I love fun colours!

I'll be honest though, I don't associate the colour with raspberries, I think more of Cherries when I look at my nails. But that's unimportant, It is a lovely shade!

What do you think, does it look like a raspberry colour to you?

What are your favourite Barry M Nail Paints?


  1. Hi Sophie I love Barry M products! My fave nail paint is grey. Not a very exciting colour i know but it looks awesome on my NW15 skin :)


  2. I think of raspberry as being more pink than that, but it is a gorgeous colour anyway! My favourite Barry M nail paint is Pink Flamingo. I love me some bright pinks!

  3. I love this colour, it does look very classy on you!
    But i agree, it doesn't look very raspberryish to me. Definately more cherry.
    I loove Barry M Nail Paints, i have a million of them. My favourites are Tangerine and Flamingo Pink i think.

  4. I agree with you definitly more cherry than respberry. But looks gorgeous on you!

    My fav Barry M is Navy which is probably quite boring, although I'm loving the Berry Ice cream at the moment.

    L x

  5. Yeah I agree with you, I don't associate this colour with raspberries. It's a stunning colour though. xXx

  6. That's a really pretty colour - it's really similar to Nails Inc.'s Picadilly Cirus - you can see a swatch on my blog - www.clickandmake-up.blogspot.com

    Kat xx


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