17 May, 2010

♥ Sleek Kajals!

The newest offering from Sleek is their Kajal Eyeliners.

I was fortunate enough to win both colours in one of their facebook contest thingamajigs. I was super pleased cos I think they sound awesome and I was dying to try them.

I got them in the post last week and have been playing with them since. They are really impressive. They are pigmented, soft and creamy, apply easily and they last surprisingly well considering how creamy they are.

The swatches below stayed on my arm for a couple of days before completely disappearing :

The packaging is super cute with the little ribbons. The liner itself just screws up, like a lipstick would. It comes to a rounded point at the tip, which just fits nicely in your waterline. I also think they are great as an all over base too, and they smudge really easy so are perfect along the lashline for a smokey look.

They are lovely colours. Odyssey is a shimmer metallic purple, and nocturnal is a completely flat matte black.

They both lasted well on the inner rim of my eye too, so overall I am really impressed and I hope they bring more colours out.

Have you tried the new Kajals yet? .. Do you want to?


  1. Odyssey looks really pretty *___*

  2. These are my current lemming and as soon as I get chance I am going to buy both of them :D Thanks for the review, was wondering what they lasted like on the waterline.

  3. There's so many proucts I want to try just lately, I don't think my bank can actually take it :( lol! But I certainly do want to try these Sleek Kajals

  4. Oh, I didn't know they did a purple one, it looks gorgeous!


  5. I love the look of Odyssey, such a pretty purple! I hope they bring out some new colours!

  6. awww.. you are one lucky chick!! I wish I can get my hands on those too, or just any UK brands for that matter... it sucks that we don't have access to the awesome brands you guys have there... I would love to have atleast 1 item of each brand - Gosh, Barry M, Sleek.... hahaha... I dunno why I'm ramblin on on your blog... haha... sorry!! but those look like they're good kajal liners...

  7. Oooh, I think I'm going to have to get the purple one now, it's lovely!


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