13 March, 2010

Playing with Make up!

Earlier today on Twitter I was bored and said I needed to do something productive.. So, off I went for two hours to play with my Make up!

I have tried and failed a few times at doing cut crease make up looks, So I made it my mission to attempt that again, Here are my results..

That is all.. You like? I think I am improving a little!


  1. Is a cut crease where you dont blend it? Sorry for my ignorance but I? just dont know what it means
    Nice lashes btw

  2. Really lovely :) I like the eyeliner too, especially the sharp end.

  3. Oooh that's lovely! I suck so hard at cutting the crease, I should practice more. I would love to know what lashes they are, and what the brown colour you used is! :) xo

  4. This looks really good. I love a white lid with a cut crease, it looks very fresh and clean. The eyeliner is great too - very precise. I'd love to see this look with a white lid and neon colours :)

  5. Very pretty, i love the lashes and eyeliner.

  6. I really like this, your blending skills are excellent, I seem to never be able to get such a neat line when I try to cut the crease.

  7. Love the lashes! where can I get them!

    xxx suzanna

  8. Dude, this is AMAZING.

    Cut creases are the one thing I just cant do :(

  9. Wow, this is stunning! What products are you using? The white looks very pretty!

  10. @Legseleven - Yeah, basically the harsh line, and then blended upwards abpve your crease.

    @ Duvessa - Thank you :)

    @ Leanne - The lashes were some from ebay, just dramatic ones but they're a bugger to apply with a thick unflexible lashband. As for the eyeshadow, It's my brow powder actually! Which is Vital Radiance - Dark Brown Brow Powder.

    @ Lillian - Thanks xx

    @ Rhamnousia - Thank you, I appreciate your comment :) I'm not great at it, I just keep trying, hoping I will perfect it eventually!

    @ SilhouetteScreams - Thanks.. It's the same with me, which is why I have been trying and trying!

    @ K - Thanks so much! The brown in the crease is my revlon brow powder, The white on my lid is stargazer 'white' on top of a white kohl pencil as a base. The lashes are ebay cheapies. :)

  11. awesome cut crease. You totally nailed it!


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