08 March, 2010

Holographic Nails - Take Two!

How stunning is that nail polish? I know, right :) It's GOSH's Holographic, again. I posted a NOTD and update on this ages ago, and have never really worn it since. I absolutely LOVE how it looks, but for some reason it never lasts on me, and it takes me 3/4 coats to get it looking smooth and non patchy.

To me this polish takes a lot of effort, but the results are stunning! Apparently I'm wrong, a few girls on twitter have said a good topcoat keeps it in place for them, So I must start applying some.. (I know, I should always use a topcoat, but I forget!) and I'm gonna try applying thicker coats so I don't need so many.

Any tips for me when using this? It looks lovely, doesn't it? Shame it only lasted two days before chipping!..

Now, where did I put my topcoat......


  1. If you're using a topcoat you can put a thin layer over the edge of the nail as well as painting it, it's kinda hard to explain but the bit that touches the keyboard if you're typing is the bit that takes the most damage apparently, I cover that bit and my polish usually lasts for a week or so :) Hope this makes sense lol

  2. Just like a mermaid! So pretty :)

  3. I so want this nail polish, it looks really good on your nails.

    Like the above comment, I would suggest using the topcoat on the inside of your nails as well as the tips, it really does make the difference.


  4. Whoa, I could've sworn this was a Nfu Oh polish from the photos!

  5. Well I have read that it does this on any one and you shouldn't use a top coat with a holo polish as it ruins the effect!! When I wear this I just don't have much hope for it, as gorgeous as it is.


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