15 February, 2010

Weekend Makeup Looks!

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend. I went out on Friday & Saturday night, which was crazy! I haven't been out for ages, then I go out twice in one weekend.

So, I took a few pictures to try and show my make up in a post, but they're not the best pictures, but I think you'll get the idea.

[Sorry it's blurry!] I have Deep Truth eyeshadow on top of MAC black grease paint all over my lid in this one, and then in the crease is the iridescent blue from the trucco palette, It really pulled the look together!

[Still in my PJs here, I hadn't got dressed yet!] For the Saturday night I wanted something different and with a touch of pink for Valentines, So I used L'Oreal 'Real Silver' on the inner corner, Stargazer Pink Eyeshadow on the middle, and Urban Decay Zero on the outer corner.. I really liked how this turned out and got quite a few compliments, which is always good :)


  1. I love both of these looks on you! Very sultry and dramatic!

    You've got me lemming that Stargazer Pink! :) x

  2. this is gorgeous! i love it!
    btw u look soooo much like your mum =D


  3. I love both these looks - gorgeous!x

  4. wow these are gorgeous! I rally like saturdays, so pretty xx

  5. Hi chick :)
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  6. Love both looks, they're fabulous! Though I have to admit that the blue shade is stunning!

  7. you blog is fabulous! just stopping by to show love and follow! Im a newbe! come visit and follow me :)


  8. Both looks are gorgeous, though Deep Truth looks especially nice on top of that dark base :)

  9. Love your first pic! And the second lol xx

  10. Wow! Thanks to everyone for the comments!! I am so happy you liked the looks.. The Blue seems to be popular, which I am pleased about! I may do a tutorial on it soon.

  11. bad@$$ girly! i totally wana try that look on myself ;)



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