28 February, 2010

MAC Shadesticks.

"A smooth and silky, rich and creamy eye shadow delivered in a stick-style format. Provides rich colour overlaid by soft finishes of shine. Glides on: works as a shadow - or a liner. Builds up coverage from sheer."

I have two MAC Shade sticks and thought I would share my thoughts on the ones that I have, and what I think of shade sticks in general. Most of you have them already though, so this might be a pointless post!

Anyway, onto the shade sticks, I have Beige-ing, a gorgeous pale shimmery beige/champagne colour & Sea-me, Gorgeous bright blue, I love blues so much!

They are twist up creamy consistency crayon type thingy-ma-jigs that you apply straight to the eyelid, They both apply really nicely and smoothly, although I do recommended that you roll the pen between your hands a little first to warm it up a bit otherwise it may tug on the skin a little. I personally prefer to use a finger to apply it because it warms the product easier and I can blend it in better.

They have really good staying power too and they last for about five hours without creasing on my eyelids (Longer with a primer). My main use for them is as a base to put other similar coloured eye shadows and pigments on top of, they just really help them stick and look brighter. The two I have are quite pigmented, but for a more opaque colour you can build them up.

That's all! These are available from MAC for £13.

What are your fave shade stick shades?


  1. This is embarrassing - I have 2 shadesticks in a drawer - cuddle and nurture from Warm & Cozy, and I haven't even opened them yet - disaster! Maybe I'll get round to it this afternoon :)

  2. Just wondering, do you have oily or dry lids? I want to try shadesticks but have hella oily lids. If they're going to crease on me I might as well just stick with my UDPP + NYX pencils :)

  3. Get them out Scarlett, they are lovely to use :)

    Silhouette : I have oily lids and they last ok on me, not as good as w/o UDPP, but with UDPP underneath they are decent. I love them :)

  4. I have sharkskin, I only really use it as an eyeliner apart from on halloween or when I get bored and want to do something different haha

  5. LOL can you believe I haven't tried shadesticks yet?! :X Now I think I should get a couple though...

  6. I have about three shadesticks and I dont even use them ;\ i should start.

    but i do have the sea me one! teheh

  7. I love Gentil Lentil and Sharkskin! These look really pretty too! A great drugstore dupe is Maybelline Colour Definer, have you tried them?


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