09 January, 2010

My First Lush Review - Cinders Bath Ballistic.

It looks so pretty doesn't it, full of colour and nice and... er, round :)

What the site says..

Much like you cannot avert your eyes from the tantalizing flames in a fire, you will not be able to avert your nose from this Bath Bomb. The warming, sweet cinnamon and orange fragrance was inspired by a comforting yuletide drink in Sweden and is utterly irresistible on a chilly evening. Cinders is the colour of a glowing ember and crackles like wood on the fire (just like the fire that Cinderella slept beside in the fairytale). The crackling and popping is a result of the vegan fizzing candy (pop rocks!) that we put into each bomb. This one is quite special and we're sure it's going to be a hit.

What do I think of it? .. Hmm, well it is the first Bath Ballistic I have ever used and I wasn't overly impressed. I put it in the tub and waited for something amazing to happen, but it just fizzed away (No crackling!) and left my bath water looking a dodgy yellow colour, It smells ok definitely Christmassy and spicy, but the smell didn't last on my body when I was done.

I don't know what expected from a ballistic, but it was more than this. I think it is because I am a huge fan of bubble bars and this just didn't compare, not one bit. A bubble bar makes my water thick and soft and gives me tons of bubbles. This was just blah, yellow water that smelt ok and didn't leave me feeling luxurious at all.

I received this is a Christmas box set for Christmas and have a few more to try out yet, so we'll see how they compare to this one.

Have you tried this, did you like it?


  1. i revied this too on my blog and though exactly the same... xxx

  2. I love the bubble bars aswell. I do enjoy the bath ballistics though. However I was also disappointed with this. I didnt like the yellowness (although I expected this from other things I had tried.) But I was very disappointed with the fact it didnt crackle lol. I very much doubt I will repurchase

  3. This is my favourite ballistic, it's amazing, some have crackled, while some have not, but i love the secent, i run it under really hot water so smell spreads and just lay there for ages. The scent is perfect for me, :) xxx

  4. The one I got crackled, I hated the scent on it's own, but I heard it was lovely with the So White ballistic so I used them both at the same time and it was a really nice scent. However, the ballistic scents never last on me, I think they're a waste of money...

  5. OK I love most bath ballistics but this is, to put it bluntly, a bit shit! I *hated* it - please don't let it be your last! Try something else first - this one totally makes out it will be brilliant and when you put it in your a bit like...erm...ok. lol! xxx

  6. I kind of feel the same about the bath ballistics. They smell nice but just don't seem to do too much. However i do like the ones that are chockful of confetti, glitter or other plug-clogging goodies :P


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