22 November, 2009

TTFN Under Eye Concealer!

This under eye concealer is my absolute fave right now. I got this in Primark back in July, while I was in Blackpool.. Yes, I did say Primark!

It cost about about £2/£3 and is awesomeness in a cute hot pink tube!

It is a lovely consistency, blends under the eyes really well and conceals excellently in my opinion. It reflects the light slightly, so hides any bad darkness, etc.

Here is a swatch (Sorry for the poor quality, It went a bit blurred) mine is in the shade 'light' and I don't know if they have other colours, but I would assume they do.

It comes in a tube with the little button that you press on the end which distributes the product into the brush on the end. You don't need much and it does the job! I tried to take a pic of one eye with and one without, and I can see the difference, can you? (I have not edited the lighting or anything on these, just cropped my zit ridden face out!)


  1. I want it's pink! Shame about it being in Primarni tho, I hate my local one it's scary! soo many chavs!

  2. I just love the name of it. TTFN That's what Tigger says. I love him haha
    Good to see u r inspired again with your YT and blogging hunni

  3. Oooh, that covers well! I may have to investigate next time I'm at Primark.

  4. Yay for cheap concealers! I have a mememe concealer, which must have cost me less than than £4.


  5. i bought this yesterday and wasnt expecting much of it!! but it was amazing!!
    proof that you dont have to pay big bucks for great products


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