12 August, 2009


This is a pretty pointless post, really.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have changed my layout... Yes, again!

I told you I get bored quickly.. I don't think I ever actually liked the other new one that much, but I think I am quite happy with this one, and it may last longer than a week.

I hope you are all well anyway, I'm not great - I am in a great deal of pain with my lower back, my Coccyx to be precise and it is pure agony, especially at bedtime, I cannot move at all when I lie down.. It's terrible - So I haven't had a proper nights sleep for a few nights! :¬[

We think the cause is sitting for a long time, the BF and I traveled to Plymouth (To house sit for my mum while she is in Turkey) and the coach journey was a long, bum aching ten hours! .. Someone reccomended Voltarol, so we went and got some today.. Fingers crossed that they take the pain off. I want it to be better for the Body Shop event!

Who's going to that? I'm invited to the afternoon session.


  1. Hope your coccyx gets better soon! If voltarol doesn't work then you should try taking ibuprofen and paracetemol at the same time. It's perfectly safe and the best cure for pain I know! My doctor suggested it to me for migraines. I take 2 paracetemol and 2 ibuprofen at the same time and it really helps...
    Love the new layout!

  2. Hey, I'm going to the Body Shop afternoon event :)

    And I'm from Leeds too! (Sorry if I've already commented on this fact). Where abouts do you live?x

  3. Really nice layout. I wish you will feel better soon...

  4. aww hope ur back gets better!!:)

  5. Aw hope your back is feeling better soon!

    I am going to the Body Shop event but I will be at the morning one becuase I went to the first one. Am gonna be about in London all day though so am hoping to meet up with people later on :)


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