01 August, 2009

Blog Of The Week - Lipglossiping.

So, I've decided to start giving some praise where it is due and showing you all my favourite blog of the week, each week.

This week it is the lovely Charlotte from Lipglossiping her blog is excellent, I love how she writes, and she takes amazing photographs as well as doing gorgeous FOTDs and showing us her beautiful new baby girl too.

I can't believe how little followers she has, because her blog really is a great read.

So, I completely recommend you go check her out/follow her for some great reads.



  1. Thats a really sweet idea. Will check out her blog now xx

  2. I agree, I linked her blog earlier in the week after doing her tag and was amazed she has so few readers. I love her blog!

  3. awww shucks Sophie, this is such a kind gesture. One that is hugely appreciated, thank you xxxx

    It's a fabby idea and I can't wait to see next weeks choice!

  4. This is such a great call sophie - I love lipglossipings blog - her photography skills are fantastic, and her pics of her beautiful baby really are gorgeous - I can't believe she doesn't have more followers!


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