16 August, 2009

Blog Award!

Thank you sooo to Miss Tacky Blue Eyeshadow for nominating me as one of her favourite blogs to read!

I will now nominate 12 blogs that I love to read for this award!

Mine are as follows..

1- Vex in the City
2- Glitter Millie
3- Swirledpeacat
4- Bubblegarm
5- Lipglossiping
6- Happy1234
7- Dressjunkie
8- Magpie Sparkles
9- Sirvinya
10- Mizz Worthy
11- Oxford Jasmine
12- Panda does Makeup

Love all of your blogs, girls.


  1. Oh thank you so much! That was such a lovely surprise :)
    I love reading your blog too. Always good to read a fellow UK blog!

  2. Aww thanks hon. That's really nice of you xx

  3. Thankyou so much Sophie :). Really chuffed.

  4. Thanks Sophie, that's lovely of you!


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