10 November, 2008

A big surprise! :)

Just a note, before I write this blog. I am a big fan of Jimmy Carr, the comedian and when I heard he was coming to Leeds on his tour this year I really wanted to get tickets and go, but we couldn't afford it.

- - - - -

So, for the past few weeks my boyfriend has been acting a little strange, secretive even, but nothing that I was worried about.

Yesterday was Sunday - Normally on a Sunday he goes to his parents house for tea,without fail, But a few days ago he had told me he wasn't going this week as his sister was going to be there. He said we could go out for a meal for a change because he would like to take me out. I thought this was so sweet and I was like 'Yeah, OK.'

Yesterday came, it was wet and dull and I suggested we stayed in and had a takeaway but he was set on the idea of going into town for a meal, saying that he really wanted to treat me. So I said OK, and I was pleased.

So, we got ready, got a bus into town, in the pouring rain, I was a little 'blagh' because of the weather, but happy enough. We got to the bar where we were going for a meal and some drinks and sat down to look at the menu. We got drinks and ordered our food and he said something to me about how I said he was bad at keeping secrets (I had done in the past, jokingly) He said I was disrespectful and bad for thinking that about him (All of this was said with a smile). I was like 'Ok.... What is happening here' ..

Anyway, he then said something about how Jimmy Carr had been touring in Leeds, and I was like 'Yeah, he was here last week I think.' - He said 'No, He is here tonight... So don't tell me I can't keep a secret, because I have tickets for us to go to his show!' .. He pulled two tickets from his wallet and passed them to me.

OH MY GOD, I was absolutely STUNNED, I honestly had no idea what so ever that he was gonna spring that on me.
I was so chuffed with him, I was almost crying. I apologised for telling him he can't keep a secret, because he SO can! And I had a permanent grin on my face all night.

We went to his late showing at 21.45pm and it was AMAZING, we laughed so much and had an awesome time. I don't think anybody has ever surprised me like that, and it was great.

I am still shocked now, because I really had no clue that was coming at all. I had been disappointed knowing I couldn't go and that it was a sell out. When all along he had a pair of tickets (good seats in the stalls too) hidden away.

It was amazing, and I had a great time.

I love my boyfriend so much. :-)

(Here is the poster from the tour/show)


  1. that's such a great story =)
    He's definitely a keeper!!!

  2. Thank you. He really is. I couldn't believe it. I am still so happy now! It is strange. He is THE best :)

  3. thanks for your post on my blog =)
    I got my layout just from online. There's a link to the site where I got mine at the bottom of my blog. Or, for other choices, do a search on google for blogger themes. It's just simple cut and paste!

  4. aww thats really sweet!
    me and my boyfriend went to see jimmy carr last feb and it was so good! he's so funny!

  5. Oh I know! He is so rude, but hilarious! Loved it :)


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